Hekla volcano Live Cam, Iceland

Category: Cams, Iceland

A particular danger of Hekla – its unpredictability. Still impossible to say exactly when a volcano will Wake up, and for how long. All eruptions of Hekla not like each other: some short – just a few days, others can last for months or even years. But seen: the longer Hekla dormant, the more catastrophic is its awakening. In 20th century largest eruption of Hekla began after a hundred years of hibernation March 29, 1947, and ended in April 1948. A sound was heard in all of Iceland, the ash cloud reached a height of 30 m, and fragments of rock flew at 32 km.

Icelanders called hekla the word short cloak with a hood. And the volcano bears the name because it wraps up the summit is usually cloud cover, resembling an ancient coat of Icelanders. Hekla covered with dark glory, which is spreading was promoted by Bernardine monks. At first they called it the gates of Hell. Later claimed that it sharpened Judas. In the Chronicles of the 14th century it is recorded that during the eruption, according to eyewitnesses, over the crater in the flames rushing birds, all the souls of the dead. And Icelanders still believe that on top of this volcano want coven witches.

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