Hammerfest Live Cam, Norway

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Hammerfest is the northernmost port city with a population of about 10 thousand people, based near the North Cape in 1838. In 1891, Hammerfest became the first in Northern Europe with a city in which there were electric lights.

The emblem of the city depicts a polar bear – polar predator and master of the North, symbolizing fishing. Not difficult to guess that the main occupation of the locals is fishing and processing of fish and production of natural gas. Around the city the monotonous landscapes with good pastures for the reindeer.

About Hammerfest is ice-free lake Kwale, so here all the year round does not stop the navigation. Frequent Northern lights summer and polar night are attracted to these places many tourists wishing to see these amazing natural phenomena.

Journey to Hammerfest and the surrounding area is subject to Sami culture. The city offers guided tours on the Finnish sledge, the end point of which is a beer pub Bryggeri”.

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