Hakodate Live Cam, Japan

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Hakodate – Japan’s central city of south-western tip of Hokkaido. The administrative center of Oshima County. One of the biggest settlements of the island. From the south, the city is washed by the waters of the Tsugaru Strait, and in the west – the waters of the Gulf of Hakodate.

Hakodate was Japan’s first city whose port was opened to foreign trade in 1854 as a result of Convention of Kanagawa, and used to be the most important port in northern Japan. Also, the city had been the biggest city in Hokkaido before the Great Hakodate Fire of 1934.

Prior to its dissolution, Air Hokkaido was headquartered in Hakodate. In January 2006 the regional airline Airtransse was headquartered in Hakodate.

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