Haapsalu Live Cam, Estonia

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Haapsalu – a city in the northwest of Estonia, the administrative center of Läänemaa maakonda (county). Translated from Estonian means “Aspen Grove”.

Haapsalu is located on the western shore of the Baltic Sea. One of the oldest cities in Estonia and is a very nice friendly town. Its history began in the XI century. Haapsalu in 1279 became the main residence of Ozel, Vikskogo bishop and served it for the next 300 years of German (Swedish, Danish and German) colonization of Estonia.

Many of the buildings of that era are preserved in the architectural appearance of the city – for example, the Castle of Haapsalu as well as a coaching inn, which is supposed to stop himself Peter the Great once in 1721 for Nystadt peace treaty with Sweden, the city became part of the Russian Empire.

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