Genoa Live Cam, Italy

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Genoa is the largest port and sixth largest city in Italy, perhaps less popular among tourists than ancient Rome, fashionable Milan or Renaissance Florence. However, where less excitement of the crowd, always nespeshnaya vacation, nicer and brighter experience. And Genoa is undoubtedly worth the attention!

For centuries Genoa was the main rival of Venice in Maritime “Empire” in the Mediterranean that contributed to the economic and cultural development of the Genoese Republic.

The Bank of St. George, which exists in Genoa from 1407, is the oldest Bank in history. The heyday of the Genoese Republic in the 16th century was marked by the construction of luxurious palaces of the Genoese quarter of the nobility — Palazzi dei Rolli. Numerous Palazzo, located on the main street via Garibaldi (formerly Strada Nuova), is protected by UNESCO, making the whole street appears Museum under the open sky.

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