Gdansk Live Cam, Poland

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Gdansk is the sixth largest city in Poland, an important seaport, situated at the mouth of the Vistula river on the Baltic sea. Together with Gdynia and beach resort town of Sopot, it forms Trojmiasto agglomeration (Triple town), which is actually a single city with a total population of approximately one million people.

It was first mentioned in the Chronicles during the missionary campaign of St. Adalbert by the pagan tribes of the Prussians in 997, and because in 1997 the city celebrated its Millennium.

The city is connected by many famous names and memorable events. In the XVII century here lived and worked the astronomer Johannes Hevelius, a native of gdańsk famous, Fahrenheit and Schopenhauer. Born in Gdansk, and the labour movement “Solidarity” that occurred in 1980 in protest against the then regime, and which in a few years led to the change of the social system. Here at the shipyard worked with the future President of Poland Lech Walesa.

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