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Almost a quarter of the historical places of Romania are applying for a particular role in the life of the notorious Vlad Tepes (aka Nosferatu, aka Undead, aka count Dracula). You can even say “daddy” of all vampires has become a kind of tourist “trademark” of the country. However, on one graph, even the most namertvo, does not go far. In Romania it is well understood, and therefore I attach the macabre entourage and other more material values: a good “ekskursionku”, renovated hotels, the beautiful nature of the Carpathians, and in winter and several ski resorts with good tracks and infrastructure.

The Capital — Bucharest. Major cities include Brasov, Constanta, Sighisoara.

Full list of interesting cities to visit in the country you can find on page cities and resorts of Romania, and on how when is the best time to come here and do told visit things to do in Romania.

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