Emmeloord Live Cam, Netherlands

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Emmeloord is the administrative center of the community, Nordostpark in the province of Flevoland, the Netherlands.

The Central part of Emmeloord is located at the intersection of three drainage channels. Emmeloord is in a polder: land reclaimed from the IJsselmeer, which earlier was part of the sea. Only this time initiated a planned development of the city on the site of the polder — first it was the local government and centre for the provision of services to the population. In a wide circle around Emmeloord was scheduled for 10 agricultural settlements at a distance, which is easily overcome by bike. These settlements were Ens, Marknesse and Kraggenburg (1949), Bant (1951), then Creil and Rutten (1953) and the last is based Espel, Tollebeek and Nagele (1956). Later came the village of Luttelgeest, located in the northeast in the noordoostpolder). From Emmeloord three canals with pumping stations, water pumped to the settlements.

The very name of Emmeloord was named abandoned village on the island of Schokland.

In the center of Emmeloord is a water tower, called Poldertoren (English).industry. the tower is the Central place in the noordoostpolder) and it can be seen from virtually anywhere in the communities where the survey does not cover the trees. The Japanese in copying other people’s villages have created a likeness of the tower

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