Dunedin, Octagon Live Cam, New Zealand

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“Roaring forties,” held near Dunedin, affect its climate: it is often the wind. However, the volcanic origin of the island, turning most of it to the mountains that protect the coast, also significantly affect natural features of the area. Although there is colder than in the North island, even Christchurch, the climate is temperate, in summer — +20…+22 °C, and in winter — +11 °C. I advise to Come here in the summer, which in this hemisphere is in December-February. The winds at this time are warm, and precipitation are not protracted.

Traditional food of the ancient Maori, now mostly lost, and the immigrants from Europe bringing here the culinary traditions of their peoples. But as the Dunedin settlement was originally Scottish, and dominates on the island, the Anglo-Saxon kitchen. New Zealand — world famous manufacturer of meat and dairy products, some products reach from the “roaring forties” and to our latitude, for example, oil “Encore.” The main varieties of meat — beef, lamb and pork. Of them are natural steaks and juicy roasts. A popular fish in various forms, but with the inevitable roast potatoes, or local similarity — sweet kumaras. In any restaurant you can taste oysters, crabs, lobster and other seafood

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