Dunedin, Botanical gardens Live Cam, New Zealand

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Tandinskiy Botanical garden – famous Botanical garden in the new Zealand city of Dunedin (Otago, South island), just a few kilometers North of the city centre, near the University of Otago. This is one of the most beautiful gardens in New Zealand and one of the main attractions of Dunedin.

Tandinskiy Botanical garden was founded in 1863 and became the first Botanical garden in New Zealand. Initially, the garden was planted in the place where today is located the University of Otago, but after the flood in 1868, almost destroying the garden, the city authorities took the decision on its transfer to its present location, which was done in 1869. Over time, the Botanical garden has thoroughly expanded its territory and today its area is over 30 hectares. Due to the fact that the Botanical garden is located on Signal hill and at its foot, it is divided into Upper and Lower gardens (the difference in height is in the range of 25-85 m above sea level).

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