Dundee Live Cam, Scotland

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Dundee – the fourth largest city in Scotland, the administrative center of Dundee. Located on the east coast of the country, on the north shore of the Firth of Tay. On the southern shore connected by road and the infamous railway bridge.

The oldest building in Dudley – a tower of St. Mary, built in the late XV century. It is part of the church-architectural ensemble: the Church of St. Clements (XVIII century), the old Church of St. Paul and St. David’s Church (XIX century), the Church of St. Mary (XIX century). Other equally impressive church, a neo-Gothic Episcopal Cathedral St. Paul’s, built on the site of the ancient castle of Dundee in 1853, and the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Andrew, built in 1835.

The medieval buildings have very little, since the city was destroyed several times. These include the remains of the city walls of the old East port (the middle of the XVI century) in the Cowgate area. Another example, a complex of buildings on the main street the Earth Gardyne (middle of the XVI century). As well as the medieval burial in the city center, a place called Earth Howff.

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