Dublin, view from the tower of liberty hall Live Cam, Ireland

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Dublin is the largest city in the country. It is home to almost a quarter of the population of the emerald Isle.
Century of dependence on the English crown left an indelible imprint on the appearance of Dublin: the English tradition is particularly felt in the architecture of the capital.

It is unlikely that the Irish like when they in anything to compare with the British — the relationship between England and Ireland are still quite specific. But when we are talking about Dublin, such a comparison suggests itself. It was built mostly during the British rule, in which case the reference, of course, served as a city of the English Kingdom. There are similarities, and in planning cities: as often happened in England, Dublin is historically divided into two areas, in this case delimited by the river Liffey. This division takes into account today: the Northern area of the city conventionally called a quarter, while to the South is the business heart of Dublin.

Tower of liberty hall, the third tallest building in Dublin and one of the highest in the country.

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