Dublin, Talbot street Live Cam, Ireland

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In Dublin temperate Maritime climate: mild winters, relatively cool summer. The Gulf stream softens the weather, but the cold Arctic wind makes his word. Weather can change within hours, and even dramatically. The Irish say that their country is no weather, only climate.

In winter the temperature can reach -8 °C (and the average in winter is still 12 degrees Celsius), the Dubliners bask in the summer at +20 °C (+16 on average). Traditionally, the heat in June and July, cold in winter. Snow usually falls from November to April, but more often it happens the castle.

In fact, with rainfall residents of Dublin carries more than to the inhabitants of London. Rains in the capital of Ireland are half as likely. Yes, and gusty winds, endemic, dispense with the Dubliners for good. Same with temperature, which in the suburbs below by 2-3 degrees.

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