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Dublin was founded by Vikings in the early ninth century, is currently one of the most ancient cities of modern Europe. Several centuries ago, Dublin was considered boring and old-fashioned city. Today it is considered as the most interesting place on the world map, which has a different identity, has a national “flavor”. Here you can take a walk along the narrow Victorian streets, once while in a completely different era, you can have a memorable RAID on clubs and stores, feeling like a bit of modernity, you can also go to any of the pubs and drinking a pint of beer, become Irish and to dance the national music of the country.

Dublin is an amazing city, who was able through the centuries to carry a unique vintage way and perfectly fit it in sovremennosti

Dublin quays — the quays along the Northern and southern banks of the river Liffey in the city of Dublin. The quays have played an important role in the history of Dublin. A large part of the South promenade and part of the Northern part of the N4 road while another portion of the Northern embankment of the M1 part of the road. Both embankments extend for 4.3 km from the bridge Sean Houston in the West. The Eastern end of the North promenade and goes to the bridge to East link and the Eastern extremity of the South on the Grand canal. Embankments are crossed by seventeen bridges, three of which are exclusively pedestrian, one railroad bridge, one for the LUAS trams and pedestrians, the other bridge is for vehicles and peshehodov.

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