Dazaifu Live Cam, Japan

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Dazaifu – city in Japan, located in Fukuoka Prefecture.

The city is located on the island of Kyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture Kyushu region. Since it borders the city of Chikushino, Ōnojō village and Umi.

Tree of the city is the camphor tree, a flower – a flower of the Japanese plum.

Dazaifu was the imperial office governing Kyūshū (corresponding to Tagajō in Tōhoku) after it was moved from present-day Fukuoka City in 663. According to the Taiho Code of 701, an attempt by the Yamato state to exert further control over its territories, Dazaifu was given two principal administrative functions – to supervise the affairs of Tsukushi (present-day Kyushu), and to receive foreign emissaries. Dazaifu hosted foreign embassies from China and Korea. Kōrokan, a guesthouse for foreign embassies, was also established.

The Korokan featured in contemporary literature, such as the Man’yōshū, as a place of departure for ocean voyages. From the Nara period through the Heian period and until the Kamakura period, Dazaifu was one of the military and administrative centers of Japan. In the Heian period, Dazaifu was a place of exile for high-ranking courtiers. Nobles exiled there include Sugawara no Michizane His grave is at Dazaifu Tenman-gū.

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