Darłowo Live Cam, Poland

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The famous Baltic resort of darlowo, situated fifty miles from Slavinskogo of the reserve consists of several areas. The nearest to the sea the region is called Darlowko (translated from Polish “Little darłowo”), there are concentrated motels, resorts, small resorts, cottages of local residents.

Vacationers can explore the historic lighthouse and the bridge. Historic neighborhoods are located to the North from the coastal area.

The old town of darłowo is small, it can be circumvented in a few hours. The main square, the perimeter of which is located the Baroque and Renaissance mansions of the local nobility and burghers, offers travelers two architectural monuments: the town hall, the Renaissance parish Church of the virgin, where the buried ashes of one of the greatest rulers of the past – Eric of Pomerania. This Church was built in Gothic style in 1321. As a building material used is brick red. Therefore, the local Church resembles many sacral buildings in Northern Poland

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