Costinesti Live Cam, Romania

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Costinesti is one of a chain of resorts of the Romanian Black sea coast. It is known as a place of recreation for young people. The name was in honor of the village of Costinesti, which is located near. The village was founded in the early nineteenth century, the German colonists. And in 1949 was founded next to a holiday camp for students in Romania. Later, when the construction of the camp and the entire infrastructure was over, it was decided to restructure it into international. So the resort is positioned as a youth since the middle of last century.

Easy to get to with its location – 30 km from Constanta, and you can travel by rail or road.

Trips to Costinesti also designed for young people. They offered a walk in the surrounding mountains that are considered sacred place for Christians. According to legend, the Apostle Andrew, who preached Christianity in those parts, twenty years lived in a cave of these mountains. Now near it is the monastery of the Derwent with the Source of healing.

You can explore the famous ancient ruins remaining from Roman times. Fans of drive will go to Constanta, where every year is held the world famous race of the Formula 1.

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