Corbehem Live Cam, Norway

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Norway is one of the 4 Scandinavian countries located in Northern Europe. In the East it borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia, on the West by the Norwegian sea and the Atlantic ocean North of the Barents sea and southern North sea. The total area of the country is 386 958 square km, Norway is a long and narrow country, over 30% of its territory is covered with forests, many rivers and lakes. More than half the area of the country is occupied by mountain ranges.

The population of Norway is about 4.3 million people. About 30 thousand inhabitants belong to ethnic minority – the sámi. The sámi have their own culture, traditions and language. A large part of the Sami population lives North of the Arctic circle.

The capital of Norway is Oslo with a population of over 500,000 people. Corbehem – town in Norway, is a ski resort.

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