Cieszyn Live Cam, Poland

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Cieszyn – a city in Silesia in southern Poland on the border with the Czech Republic. Cieszyn is located on the river Oldza. In 1920 the town was divided between the two newly created States of Poland and Czechoslovakia so that part of the city on the left Bank of the river was ceded to Czechoslovakia and was called český těšín, and the rest joined in Cieszyn Poland.

The town combines both Polish and Austrian peculiarities in the architectural style of the buildings. Due to several major fires and subsequent reconstructions (the last one at the end of the 18th century), the picturesque Old town is sometimes called little Vienna.

The area around modern Cieszyn was inhabited by Slavic peoples since the 7th century. According to legend, in 810 three brothers Bolko, Legco and Czech met here after a long pilgrimage and decided to found a new settlement. They called it Cieszyn, from the words “cieszym się” which means “I am happy”.

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