Chania, Eleftherias square Live Cam Greece

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The lovely port city of Chania — the most Eastern and the most Venetian of all four cities of Crete. It’s a busy place, which however is not so thickly populated by our compatriots, as the area around Heraklion or Rethymnon. There are several reasons. Firstly, in Chania, is a bit more expensive (although everything is relative). Secondly, to get here from the airport the longest. Thirdly, the most “pop” sights of Crete are located far from it.

However, even if you are staying at a totally different end of the island, take a trip to Chania at least for a day very worth it. Its Old town many consider the most beautiful on the island, and Venetian Harbor, the most beautiful in all of Greece. There are many picturesque taverns and shops, and Turkish heritage bizarre mingled with the Venetian. The beaches in the Bay of Chania are not inferior to the more popular Central Crete. And finally, the stunning Balos lagoon is located in the region of Chania, and one of her is worth it to fly to Crete.

Historical outskirts of the old harbour is still preserved Venetian houses converted into hotels. Many of them are surprisingly cheap and because of the small size is very comfortable.

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