Capua Live Cam, Italy

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Capua is a city and fortress in southern Italy on the left Bank of the river Volturno.

Attractions: ancient (860) St. Stephen’s Cathedral, with statues by Bernini and the famous sarcophagus depicting the hunt of Meleager; the Church of St. Marcellus, which was crowned Lombard, and Norman rulers; Museo Campano, with a rich collection of ancient and medieval antiquities. 43 139 inhabitants (2000). 4 km the ruins of the ancient Capua: the Grand amphitheatre, the remains of the 60,000, which had 170 m long, 140 m wide and 46 m height; triumphal arch, Roman tombs, the Church of Sant’angelo, on the site of the temple of Diana Tiffinay (at the foot of Monte Tifata)

.According to Roman mythology, it was founded by a companion of Aeneas Capiz. Thanks to the fertility of the surrounding lands and favorable trade position Capua was already in ancient times, the first city of the Campaign; in 420 BC, was in power Samnites; in the war of the Romans with sunnitami in the year 344 defected to the Romans, who then conquered the city with the entire region.

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