Cabo San Lucas, Coast Live Cam, Mexico

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Cabo San Lucas is often called the pearl of the Peninsula of California. The Peninsula is considered one of the driest regions of the planet. A thin strip of land stretches for a distance of 1247 km – much longer than the Apennine Peninsula of Italy. Its main attraction is nature: mountains, cliffs, azure bays, sand dunes, deserts, covered with different species of cacti hillsides, miles of beautiful white beaches, oases of date palms, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The interior of the Peninsula is virtually uninhabited, most of the cities located on the coast. The second longest Peninsula in the world on the West by the Pacific ocean, on the East by the Sea of Cortez. At the end of the California Peninsula (where “the Land ends and the ocean begins”) is Sabo San Lucas. The city enjoys the reputation as the most elite resort in Mexico. In addition to sport fishing, the Cabo (the abbreviated name of the city) rest on the beaches, do water sports and play Golf on the fields of the international class.

Historically, what Cabo San Lucas was first discovered Hollywood stars for more than sixty years ago. Movie stars liked the quiet and sparsely populated fishing village in contrast to the rapidly growing and crowded Acapulco. The city was visited by such celebrities as the American king of westerns John Wayne, musician and actor desi Arnaz, comedienne Lucille Desiree ball, the actor and singer Bing Crosby. They say it was visited by the Nobel prize winner in literature Ernest Hemingway and the famous ocean Explorer Jacques Cousteau. In 1951, another Nobel prize winner John Steinbeck published the book “a diary of the sea of Cortez”. So Cabo San Lucas became famous all over the world.

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