Buveret Live Cam, Switzerland – Train Park

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Buveret – this locality Monthey region, Valais, Switzerland. In Buverete there is an adjustable swivel (balanced) bridge with turning around the axis Z.

Port Vale is one of the warmest places in Switzerland: the air temperature is an average of 1.5 degrees higher than in the neighboring regions. Picturesque scenery in the background looms the lake the mountains, proximity kalpiyskim resorts system in RT-du Soleil (the area between Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc) and at the same time a huge range of opportunities for shopping, sports, relaxing by the water and cultural activities at any time of the year – here the most attractive factors of Port Vale.

Probably one of the first associations that arise in the head with the word Switzerland – is skiing.

The country is known as perhaps the main trendsetter in the sport, as well as the home of numerous world champions and Europe.

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