Borgholm Live Cam, Sweden – Central Square

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Camera Image

Borgholm – a town in the municipality of Borgholm, Kalmar Province, the city’s population is about 3,100 people. Borgholm on Öland island located in the Baltic Sea. It is considered the center of Öland, and is one of the most popular summer resorts in Sweden.

Borgholm – Öland main town, but one of the smallest towns in Sweden. Tourists are attracted Borgholm Castle, built in the 12th century and many times was subjected to restoration. He will protect the city, but in 1806. It burned to the ground and now we can see only the ruins. The castle is open to visitors, and now serves as a museum. A little further south is Halltorps Estate, a historic royal domain associated with the Borgholm Castle.

Outside Borgholm Solliden Palace is owned by the Swedish Royal family and is their official place of residence during the summer.

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