Bollnas Live Cam, Sweden

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Bollnas – a city located in the province of Hälsingland. Hälsingland – the northern part of the region Gävleborg, surrounded by rolling hills. Not far from Bollnas proceed Ljusnan and Voxnan river. Bollnas and its surroundings are known for their ancient traditions and folklore.

City Bollnas is located in the center of Sweden, in the region, which is jokingly called “bendioblastyu”. No other area of the Scandinavian countries do not boasts four of its representatives in the Premier League championship on bandy (“Bollnas GIF”, “Bruberg”, “edsbyn” and “Ljusdal”).

Naturally, the matches between these teams belong to the category of fundamental and gather a lot of spectators. Most of these games are the most visited in the Swedish Premier League.

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