Bergen, view from mount fløyen Live Cam Norway

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Bergen is located on the shores of horseshoe harbour of Vagen, on seven hills. The city is called the capital of the Kingdom of the fjords or the gate into the fjords, because of this city starts all routes to the natural beauty of Norway. The reputation of the Bergen is slightly tarnished rainy weather. They say that the rain is here 300 days a year. However, Bergen leaves unforgettable impressions in any weather.

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, was founded in the late XI century. In the thirteenth century, Bergen became the capital of the Norwegian Kingdom and the largest religious center, the Episcopal residence. A century later the title moves to the capital Oslo and Bergen becomes one of the Central Hanseatic cities. The twentieth century has caused terrible damage to the architecture of the city – in 1916, a terrible fire destroyed many wooden buildings, and in 1944 from the explosion of a Nazi ship in the Harbor was destroyed many city buildings.

On the one hand Bergen is surrounded by sea and hills, one of which you can climb by cable car Floibanen. The rise is only 8 minutes, and the height of the hill opens a beautiful view on the neat tile roofs of Bergen and the shimmering silver of the setting sun waters of the North sea.

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