Bergen, Torgallmenningen square Live Cam, Norway

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Bergen is one of Norway’s leading centres of offshore oil and gas production and at the same time the most beautiful city in the country. It is built on the South-West coast of Norway, around the scenic Vagen Bay and surrounded by De Syv Fjell (“Seven mountains”). The beginning of the prosperity of Bergen started in the early middle Ages, when it began to develop trade with dried cod, what today resembles a colorful waterfront of Bryggen. However, a variety of houses along the waterfront built later, in 1702, after one of the giant fires that inevitably devoured Scandinavian wooden town throughout the centuries.

Bergen, in contrast to other settlements, burned out completely. Today, many of the old quarters with quaint old wooden houses. However, after the fire of 1916, the Central shopping area around the main Torgallmenningen square was rebuilt in the style of art Nouveau and functionalism, popular in Scandinavia. Another area interesting from an architectural point of view, Nygardsgaten with the neoclassical character of the XIX century. The city suffered greatly during the Second world war (Bergen was occupied on the first day of the German invasion in 1940), so that after its completion there has been active construction.

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