Banff Live Cam, Scotland

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Banff – county in the northeast. Scotland, representing a narrow, stretching in the direction from NE to SW strip of land between the counties of Aberdeen on B, Elgin or Moray and Inverness on the W, C bounded by the sea on Yu Gramnianskim rising to mountains in the space of 1777.4 square meters. km, with a population (1881) in 62731 hours.

The most significant settlement is the county town, bearing the titles also. B. (formerly Boineff) in Boyne District, to the west. Doverana shore, near its confluence with the Moray Firtskuyu bay at Aberdeen-Inverness railway line.

Harbour City is located on the western side of the semi-circular bay, on the eastern side of which is the town and an excellent haven Macduff (3407 inhabitants). Beautiful bridge with seven spans connects the two cities.

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