Baja, Central square Live Cam Hungary

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Baia is a city in southern Hungary, is situated on the left Bank of the Danube. Bahia is the second largest city in bács-Kiskun, after the capital of Kecskemét. Population — 37 690 inhabitants (2005).

The city’s name is of Turkish origin, comes from the Turkish word “bull”. In the Austrian period, the city was also known under the German name Frankenstraat. Many earlier Slavic community in the city is also called Bahia.

An important transportation hub: the Marina and the bridge over the Danube, railway station. Food, textile and wood industries; agricultural engineering.The main attraction of the city — Franciscan monastery of St. Anthony of the seventeenth century. In Bayeux — 15 churches, most of them Catholic, there are Protestant and Orthodox. In the city there are several museums and art galleries with a permanent exhibition.

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