Asahikawa Live Cam, Japan

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Asahikawa – Japan’s central city, the administrative center of Kamikawa District. Asahikawa was a military town. Today, there is a second division of the northern army of Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

City crossed by dozens of river channels, so the city has more than 740 bridges. Perhaps chief among them is the bridge Asahibasi, built in 1932 and became a symbol of the city. Also, the city is surrounded by mountains, there are ski resorts. Asahikawa holds the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in Japan (-41 ° C – 25 January 1902).

The Ainu called the Asahi River Chiu Pet meaning “River of Waves”, but it was misunderstood as Chup Pet meaning “Sun River”, and so it came to be called Asahi River in Japanese (Asahi meaning “morning sun”).

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