Anadyr Live Cam, Russia

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Anadyr is a city in the far northeast of Russia, the administrative center of the Chukotka Autonomous District. Anadyr is located on the right bank near the mouth of Kazachka River, a tributary of the Anadyr Bay of the Bering Sea, in the permafrost zone. Distance from Anadyr to Russian Catital is 6240 km.

The word “Anadyr” is found in the pages of historical chronicles in different lexical variations: “Onandyr” – Chukchi river, “Anadyrsk” – jail time of Semyon Dezhnev and Kurbat Ivanova (mid-XVII century).

The local Chukchi population calls the city Ven “shed, entrance” or Kagyrgyn ‘entrance, the mouth “that reflects its location at the narrow neck that opens the entrance to the upper part of the Anadyr.

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