Alesund, Harbor Live Cam, Norway

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Alesund is a city located on the Western coast of Norway, between Jurong fjord and Geiranger fjord. This is one of the few cities in the world, built in the style of “art Nouveau”, which is a tourist center.

According to legend Alesund was founded by the Norman Duke Robert I in the X century. The main activity of the local population for many centuries was fishing. In 1904 the wooden buildings of the city were engulfed in a terrible fire. The city burned to the ground. Ten thousand people were left homeless. The restoration of the city was carried out by the architect, a supporter of the style “art Nouveau”, then popular in Europe. Partially funded the restoration of the city the German Kaiser Wilhelm II, who loved to relax in the vicinity of the city. Thus, most of the buildings of the city were built between 1904 and 1907, and turrets, spires and other interesting architectural details made the city one of the most unique cities in Norway and a popular tourist attraction.

In the Museum of Ålesund you can see how the city looked before the devastating fire. In addition the city has a Center of “art Nouveau”, the exhibition which tells about the use of this style in Ålesund as in the construction of buildings and in interior design and furniture

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