Alba-Iulia Live Cam, Romania

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All, without exception, start the inspection from the fortress of Alba Iulia. It has several entrances, the most convenient lies in the alley between the two cathedrals. One of the historic Cathedral of St. Michael, the second built in the shape of a cross, the Cathedral of Coronations.

The Catholic Cathedral is worth mentioning separately. Locals claim that in this ancient temple with a rich history, can make a wish that will come true.

The fortress was noteworthy Museum Association – a hundred halls of the permanent exhibition on the history of the country from Paleolithic times to the end of the Second world war. Deserve the attention of the house of the Archbishop of the seventeenth century and the country’s first library, which opened in 1794. In the Fort there is a Romanian military Ministry – in the former Royal court. Next to a beautiful monument to Michael the Brave, the first unifier of Romania.

Modern Alba Iulia live more than 70 thousand people employed in the Shoe, food, porcelain industry, and, of course, in tourism. In hotels, hotels and inexpensive pensions – all offer European level of service. The kitchen presents not only traditional Romanian café with national food at the hotels restaurants European cuisine.

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