Agadir, the view from the Hotel Live Cam, Morocco

Category: Cams, Morocco

Agadir (the”city of white”, in translation from Berber “fortified attic”) — centre beach holiday on the shores of the Atlantic ocean and the most popular resort in Morocco. Come here to enjoy the sun, swim, surf, play Golf, ride horses, visit the Thalasso centres. In General, to lead a hedonistic lifestyle.

Agadir is easy to confuse with any Mediterranean European town: women do not cover their faces, and most of the people on the streets dressed in European style. Here is the finest beach on the Atlantic coast of Morocco (the length of the beach — 6 km). Almost round the year comfortable weather (over 300 Sunny days a year). Agadir is also an excellent place to start the tour programmes, especially in the South of Morocco.

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