Сalimanesti Live Cam, Romania

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Calimanesti Caciulata – the world famous and beautiful resort in Romania. Name formed from the name of a small town of Calimanesti and the name of the resort Caciulata. They constitute a single administrative-territorial area.

In the valley of the river OLT there are many famous resorts, but it Calimanesti Caciulata, located at the exit of the river from South of the Carpathians, is considered the real gem of these places. Despite the fact that the city is at an altitude of 260 metres above sea level, it is protected from winds by mountains which create a very smooth, without temperature changes, climate. The picturesque mountain gorge, where the resort is located adds to his charm and fame.

The closest city is râmnicu vâlcea. To get through the Sibiu international airport, from there transfer by bus will take about an hour. Bus or rail can take two hours to drive from Bucharest.

Healing properties of local mineral springs were used by indigenous inhabitants of Transylvania, the Dacians. After the seizure of the land by the Romans, the first thing they built, not counting fortifications, it baths for bathing. Later there was founded the monastery hospital.

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