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Zlin city in the Czech Republic, in the historical region of Moravia. In 1949-1990 after Gottwald Gottwald it was called. The capital of the Zlín region. Zlin is a five hour drive from Prague, and three hours from Karlovy Vary. This city can decorate and extend the excursion program in the Czech Republic.

Despite the fact that Zlín for almost a century represented one of the largest factory centers in the region (in particular, this is evidenced by the location here shoe factory Bata or Batevo plants, famous in many countries), it managed to maintain originality, poignancy and charm of a provincial town with its smooth flow of life and well-established tradition for many decades.

In the city center stretches a beautiful garden – Garden of Liberty, in which like walking residents and visitors. In the garden stands a remarkable example of medieval architecture – baroque castle, so popular in XVII-XVIII centuries. Is performed once part of the fortress, the castle now hosts in their cases the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts and the Museum of Southeast Moravia. By visiting them, you become more familiar with the history and culture of this region, the customs and traditions of its inhabitants.

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