Zagreb Live Cam, Croatia – Showroom

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Zagreb – the capital and largest city in Croatia. The city is located on the Sava River, a tributary of the Danube, at an altitude of 104 meters above sea level (lowest point) near the mountain range Medvednica. City of Zagreb metropolitan area has the status of separate County as a part of Croatia, carries out management of the city mayor, elected by the city assembly. Zagreb is situated in the center of an extensive transport network.

The history of the city for over 900 years, it began with a small settlement, which was formed by the merger of two smaller ones.

Today it is the country’s largest financial, industrial and commercial center, as well as popular tourist destinations (every year it is visited by about 1 million. Tourists).

In the center of modern Zagreb is “old medieval town” with cobbled streets and stone bridge, reminiscent of Prague, Vienna, Budapest and some other Central European capitals.

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