Wyoming Live Cam – Grand Teton National Park

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Live streaming web cam of Grand Teton Park, Wyoming USA.
Grand Teton National Park is United States National Park. Located in the western part of the state of Wyoming, south of Yellowstone National Park. The park is named in honor of the Grand Teton Mountains, the highest mountain in the Teton mountain range, altitude 4197 m.

Grand Teton National Park is located in the Rocky Mountains in the north-western part of the state of Wyoming. The park is located south of Yellowstone National Park and to the north of the city of Jackson. The composition of the park include directly the ridge, and the foot of the beautiful glacial lakes and rivers. Its name the park was named after the highest mountain in the Teton Range, whose height is 4199 meters above sea level.

Grand Teton is known for its spectacular views (especially the incredibly beautiful Grand Teton in June – at the time of flowering), the Alpine lakes (the largest of them – Lake Jackson has a length of 24 kilometers and a depth of 134 meters), and abundant wildlife. The main attraction of the park is the mountain range Teton Range, a height of over 2000 meters. Apex Grand, Middle and South Tetons form the “heart” of the ridge, but also their neighbors, especially the mountain Mt. Owen, Teewinot Mountain and Mt.Moran, little inferior to their height and beauty.

The most memorable scenery of the park Grand Teton – like shredded mountain glaciers peaks Teton Range, aspirants into the sky. The shape of their rocky walls, towering above Jackson Hole Basin makes an indelible impression.

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