Wroclaw Live Cam, Poland

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Wroclaw is one of the largest and most beautiful cities of Poland. In the middle ages he was considered a rival to Prague. Today it presents the architecture of all eras.

Wrocław situated on the river Bed in the city, the river forms many distributaries and canals, spanned by more than 100 bridges. Bridges of Wroclaw, together with its quaint parks give the city its special charm.

Ostrów Tumski – the oldest part of the city, which leads to the admiration of everyone who visited here. In the Central square, one of the biggest in Europe, stands the town hall – the pearl of the Silesian Gothic secular architecture. In the dungeons of the town hall houses the famous Svidnytskyi the basement, which once served is known to almost all of Europe Swidnicka beer.

In the evenings the streets of the island covers the old gas street lamps and beautiful illumination of cathedrals makes the island attractive for evening walks.

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