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Wongamat Beach Pattaya webcam. It is an area in North Pattaya is part of Naklua. Here is the eponymous kilometer stretch of coast, next to the hotel Long Beach Garden and the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort. Besides him, there are small secluded beaches 100-200 meters. This writer personally walked them all to submit to the judgment of our readers.

All beaches in the area characterized by a lack highway, which is available on the Pattaya Beach and Jomtien. Thus, Wong Amat can be found at the hotel 1 line and relax without the noise of cars near by. Also, fewer people here, but in general there is no one in some areas, day or night. So if you want a relaxing and indulgent getaway, be sure to find a place, just go along the coast.

In recent years, Wong Amat loved our people, so there is a lot of things in Russian: menu at restaurants, signage at travel agencies, the Russian-speaking managers, etc.

The sea is shallow at Wongamat first, that is the entrance quite flat that will please families with small children. To make it on the belt, it is necessary to pass 10 meters in the central part of the beach water sports are available – bikes, skis, bananas. So that they do not inadvertently collided with bathers, there are special fenced areas for navigation buoys.
central part.

This is the only place equipped for a beach holiday tourists, in the sense that it is regularly cleaned, there are sun loungers with parasols, a couple of restaurants in the south and water activities. In the south, the beach starts at Naklua Soi 18 Street area, and the last hotel on the north – Long Beach Garden.

The total length of the central section of Wong Amat beach – about a kilometer. The coast is quite wide – 20-30 meters. According to it, go Thai with huge trays of food so that you can have a meal without leaving the deck chairs. Also available are souvenirs, clothes and other trinkets.

The most southern part is very popular among Thais after the end of the working day. At sunset you can see how the locals have fun, dancing to the music directly on the coast. This writer once also participated and won the general applause for wiggle her hips.

Wongamat pretty malolyuden when compared to Pattaya Beach. In fact, rest here only hotel guests, located on the 1 and 2 lines. After sunset, its northern and central parts of virtually extinct, and only in the south have dvizhuha among Thais.

To the south of the street Naklua Soi 18, there are several small beaches, which can be reached walking on the beach. There is a hotel Cape Dara Resort. The coast stretches to the hotel Dusit Thani Pattaya, which has its own fenced boulders beach, where only the guests of this hotel can get. To the south it begins Pattaya Beach.

Part of the coast is suitable for swimming, the other has the boulders. Some craftsmen have put a stone, making impromptu sculpture. Many are photographed in their background as a tourist attraction.

There’s no infrastructure, no restaurants, no massage, no souvenir vendors. If you want some privacy, you can relax in this place.

Also in this part of Wongamat can meet fishermen with fishing rods. Generally there are more local than tourists. After sunset, there was no one and no lighting, so it can not see any DIG.

The northern part (on some maps it is referred to as Palm Beach) – it is the kingdom of condominiums, hotels, and although there are, for example, Centara Grand Modus Resort Pattaya and the Garden Cliff Resort and Spa. Almost every condominium has a small stretch of coast in 100-150 meters, which are fenced off by boulders and they can only be reached by a narrow path.

It is a kind of elite place, even hanging a sign on one of the sites, it’s a private beach. If finances allow, it is best to settle here. On the coast there are sunbeds only for hotel guests. No water activities there, but behind them, you can go to the center of Wong Amat.

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