Weyregg am Attersee lake view from the cafe Eichhorn Live Cam, Austria

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In the land of plenty of water, but Attersee the most suitable for diving. By itself, the pond is very beautiful. On all sides it is surrounded by small mountains, which in some places reach a height of 800 meters. Between the hills on the banks of the lake grow unusual varieties of trees and shrubs.

Diving school Anda Pleasure working in Austria since 2002. But despite the short period gained immense popularity among both local residents and visiting tourists. For those wishing to dive to the bottom there are all conditions.

The Golf club at Attersee exists since 1988. It was founded by Gunter. First, the club occupied a small area, where in addition to the games worked for a Golf school. In 2000 when Gunther retired, his successor bought 50 acres next to the club and expanded it. Until 2004 the new owner has redone everything on your own: built houses for the house, made a new cover. The highlight of the club was the nine-hole course with a length of 5000 meters.

After the update Golf school remained at its original place. Next to him appeared a luxurious restaurant, gazebo area, car Park.

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