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Warsaw online camera.

Warsaw, as well as all the major historical cities, standing on the river, and her name was Vistula. The river divides the Polish capital in two parts, flowing from north to south. On the left bank – old town with most of the attractions and hotels, the right bank is less interesting for tourists, there are residential areas.

The center of Warsaw includes areas of Srodmiescie, Wola, Mokotow, Zoliborz, Ochota, Praga Połnoc and Praga Południe – a mix of modern architecture, industrial “bald spots” and upscale residential areas.

North Warsaw – Bielany is maloprimechatelnye areas and Białołeka. Western Warsaw consists of Bemowo district, Włochy and Ursus, and also little that can show interesting tourist.

But in the south of the city (Ursynow and Wilanow) Wilanow Palace can be found. And in Ursynow is a Historical National Park and Preserve, which is sheltered by the European College of Potocki palace. And finally, the Eastern Warsaw, where travelers have nothing to do, consisting of Targowek areas, Rembertow, Wawer and Wesoła.

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