Vollenhove Live Cam, Netherlands

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Live HD video stream of Vollenhove (Dutch province of Overijssel).

Here is located Oldenhof Castle. The Castle is located in the Netherlands, in the province of Overijssel in the eastern part Vollenhov. It was founded in 1635 by Gerhard Sloetom – one of the richest nobles.

The construction is made in the classic Dutch style. This two-storey building with a protruding front facade. On the ground floor windows have an arch shape. In 1800, around the house it was a park with clipped trees, shrubs and a pond.

During its existence Oldenhof replaced many owners. Since 1976, it became the property Sloeta Marx, who restored it to its former appearance. Today, the castle is an architectural monument of Overijssel.

The place where it is located: Overijssel
Address Location: Netherlands, Overijssel, Oppen Swolle 7
8325 PE Vollenhove.

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