Victoria Liva Cam, Kanada

Category: Cams, Canada

The fact that the city of Victoria pleases residents and tourists an early spring bloom, due to its mild climate that is close to the Mediterranean. The city is located in the South-East of Vancouver island and is separated from the mainland by a deep Strait of Georgia, and from the interior of the island protects its scenic mountain range Olympic. The Vancouver island bordered on one side by the Pacific ocean and on the other hand protect it from the winds of the Rocky mountains.

The port city of Victoria is conveniently situated on the shore of the ocean and impresses with its interesting architecture. The history of the city originates from the late eighteenth century, when in the Bay of Islands threw his anchor the ship of the legendary James cook. Then, or rather in 1843, it was decided on the construction on the island of the English Outpost, named Queen Victoria. It is with the construction of the Outpost began the creation of immigrants in the city atmosphere of the good old and so beloved of England, reflected in the architecture and General structure of the city.

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