Veli Losinj Live Cam, Croatia

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Veli Losinj – located 125 kilometers from the largest city of the northern Adriatic Rijeka and 130 km from Pula, with which the same city and the island of Lošinj is connected ferry. Losinj Island (74.68 km2) is one of the western islands of the Kvarner archipelago, the island of Cres its drawbridge connects through the artificial channel (width 11 m).

Veli Losinj – a small resort town on the southeast coast of the island of Losinj in Croatia, located 3 km south of the city of Mali Losinj. The population – 917 people (2001).

The first mention of the town dates to 1398. There are still preserved old buildings, including the Church of St. Nicola (14th century) and a defensive tower built in the 15th century to protect the settlements and the port from pirate attacks.

Today Veli Losinj lives mainly due to tourism and fishing. The city has a small port, two marinas (yacht risers), as well as good developed tourist infrastructure – hotels, cafes, restaurants, sports facilities, including tennis courts.

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