Uvaly Live Cam, Czech

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Uvaly (the Czech. Úvaly), formerly. Auval (it Auwal.) – a city located in the district of Prague-east of the Czech Republic Central Bohemia region.

The first mention of the city (formerly Uval, Ubal, Unfal, Auval, Ouvaly) dates back to 1290 year. The records indicated the existence of an ancient settlement Uval owned by Prague patricians. Since 1300 the city market mentioned. Since 1361 the city belonged to a noble family Olbramovichey (old old Prague patricians). Since the beginning of the XIV century the town acquires two fortresses – Annual and living room (Hostýn, Gostyn).

Because through the village passed an important trade route – Trstenitskaya road – which connects Prague and Cesky Brod and Kutna Mountain, Uvaly gradually began to grow. Since 1541 in written documents indicated the importance of the urban market, and since 1654 about this place says even as a small town.

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