Uherske Hradiste Live Cam, Czech

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The small town of Uherske Hradiste on the Morava River was once a border village. This land has been controversial, for it fought the Hungarians and the Czechs, so it was great courage on the part of the Bohemian King Ottokar II to found a fortified settlement here in 1257. Naturally, there was and its fortress behind walls that can shelter residents during enemy attacks.

Translated from the Czech town called the “Hungarian fortress”. It got its name not once. At first it was called “New Velehrad”, then – “Gradishte”, but in 1587 the city got its present name.

City caused the interest of many foreign conquerors, first of all, thanks to its favorable location. Until the XVIII century, he found himself in the spotlight of the Hungarians, the Hussites, the Turks. The locals devotedly defend his hometown against attacks. Only once the enemy in the face of Prussian troops managed to win Uherske Hradiste.

In the XIX century the city is developing rapidly. People come here for the rest of the famous industrialists of the Czech Republic, for example, Antonin Bata senior. He chose Uherske Hradiste as a place to locate its factory producing footwear. Now we know this company as big shoe concern “Dad.”

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