Toulon Live Cam, France – Port

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Toulon – a city in France. Along with Brest, significant military harbor of France, first-class fortress, the commercial port, lies within the deep and secure the Toulon Bay, separating from the Mediterranean Sea to the west and to the southwest peninsula of Cape Sise, and to the south – the peninsula of Cape Sepet and only in him the connecting .

Toulon, beautifully located at the SOUTH. Monfarona soles (546 m) – the main station of the French Mediterranean fleet, the fifth seat of the naval prefecture, the main customs.

The historic center of Toulon is considered one of the most attractive tourist parts of the city. Recently renovated, the old town is a real unique medieval city, which is decorated with narrow streets that go to a small area, where a large number of shops, hotels, bars and outdoor cafes. The market is open every day, offers the town typical of the region’s products and gives the ancient city is still a modicum of local color and charm of the invisible.

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