The pyramids of Giza Live Cam, Egypt

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The complex of pyramids in Giza located on the Giza plateau in Cairo, Egypt. This complex of ancient monuments is located about eight km in the direction of in the middle of the desert from the old town of Giza on the Nile, about 25 km South-West from the centre of Cairo. The pyramid of Khufu is the only remaining monument of the seven wonders of the ancient world.This ancient Egyptian necropolis consists of the Pyramid of Khufu (known as the Great pyramid and pyramid of Cheops), the somewhat smaller pyramid Harry a few hundred meters to the South-West and the relatively modest-sized Pyramid of menkaure a few hundred meters further South-West, as well as a number of smaller accompanying buildings, known as the pyramids of the Queens, sidewalks and pyramid valley. The great Sphinx is located on the East side of the complex facing East.

The pyramid of Cheops, perhaps the most grandiose construction on the earth. Even in times of greatest glory and greatness of any of the European monarchs had no such Palace, which could be compared in size to the Pharaoh’s tomb. Less, and Buckingham Palace in London, and Versailles in France, and the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, and even the Escorial in Spain.

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