Hong Kong Live Cam, China – the island of Cheung Chau

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Only half an hour on a comfortable ferry to separate authentic island of Cheung Chau (Cheung Chau) from the center of the bustling and dizzying, from the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. It would seem that I forgot the tourists in this quiet provincial town? At least the wonderful atmosphere of China 30 years ago. Cars on the island are completely absent, and the locals travel by bike or on foot. Skyscrapers are absent, but cozy houses, narrow streets and colorful Oriental temples in excess.

Ride on Cheung Chau to see the life of the local population lie on the beach and swim in the sea — here is a short list of things worth doing on the island.

The island can be easily reached by ferry from the Central ferry terminal Hong Kong Central Ferry Terminal, pier 5. The nearest metro stations are Central and Hong Kong. Ferries run two types of speed, which will take 35-40 minutes and ordinary carrying both passengers and cargo, they go 55-60 minutes. To understand schedule, which one is slower, with a special asterisk. The cost of travel “with the wind” from Monday to Saturday — about 25 HKD, on Sundays and holidays — 35 HKD; on a conventional ferry is about 13-29 HKD (price depends not only on the day of the week for class), departing two times per hour.

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